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Another great video trailer of Peter Laurelli, fly fishing the inshore waters of Northeastern US coast from a paddle board.

As always shows an exquisite editing, music and of course great saltwater fly fishing footage that make you dream. Full version available next February. Enjoy!

50 trout flies

On December 25th a Fly Box with 50 Trout Flies (dries, emergers and nymphs) tied by Mikel Elexpuru will be in a draw among subscribers (free subscription in our site on your right)

We wish you all a great Christmas time and a new year full of fish! Tight lines.

Flymage Fly Fishing Magazine

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Fly fishing in Pyrenees 1 Flymage Magazine

Pyrenees 2.0 is the last piece published about fly fishing in Spain in Flymage Magazine. This is a second part article by Nacho Puyal and reflects through photographs and text the greatness of the Pyrenees and its hidden and fragile treasures in the form of brown trout and char, as well as the expected start of the season, the physical effort to reach places situated above 2000 meters or encounters with the local wildlife.

"Gradually, the blurred silhouettes of the mountains begin to take shape, it is just them and me. Silence and solitude make me feel insignificant, while my accelerated heartbeat pumps, bringing me back to reality, reminding me how lucky I am able to experience these feelings..."

Fly fishing in Pyrenees 2 Flymage Magazine

"Chars are curious, wildly beautiful, aggressive and competitive feeding fish. In fishing for them, the main thing is the location of waters in which there are stable populations. The more virgin these places, the more likely you will find great char..."

Fly fishing in Pyrenees 3 Flymage Magazine

There is no doubt of the enormous attractiveness of this mountain range that separates and unites Spain and France and with its hundreds of mountain lakes and streams, wild brown trout and char, calls each season to more adventurous fly fishermen. You can read full article here